Carla Bohnett

Carla Bohnett started shooting photography as a graphic designer 12 years ago. During the development of her craft, she found that picking up the camera and shooting images brought back some of the simplicity that she craves in this fast paced world. Travel photography is a treat that allows her to capture the sights and feel of a far off location and bring it back home with her to revisit and share.

“If an image I capture intrigues the viewer and is striking to the eye, I feel gratified that I have given something to the viewer that is uniquely mine to give.”

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Loren Bohnett

Loren is relatively new to photography, having first picked up a camera with a serious interest in just the last couple of years. He has discovered that the camera allows him to live in the moment and see the details in a way that had always eluded him.

He found the 2013 Cuba trip to be a tremendous opportunity to develop his photography. Being surrounded by interesting subjects was part of the equation, but soaking up that experience surrounded by talented photographers was key.

Loren has carried forward this experience in his everyday life as an airline pilot. By carrying a camera on trips to the cities that he flies to frequently he is able to experience them in a whole new way.

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Sheila Botein

Sheila Botein grew up in Manhattan and was introduced to darkrooms when she was 11 at camp in Maine.  Subsequently, she created darkrooms in her pantry in Cambridge and her basement in Williamstown.  She has worked as a teacher of young children, as a systems analyst and as a teacher of non-native speakers in China and at SF State.

Now that she has retired from paid work, she travels more, does photography more and is relieved to have transitioned from wet to digital processing.   She loved visiting Cuba, was moved by the forbearance of the Cuban people she met, and wishes that she spoke Spanish!

Sheila_01      Sheila_02      Sheila_03

Allen Gary

Allen is currently active in a research program that centers on three Harris brothers who, along with their sister, went to Havana, Cuba in 1900 to start the successful Harris Brothers Department Store. Allen is a scientist with the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Before joining the university and undertaking historical research, Allen was involved in space science with NASA. His research with NASA and the university included studying and measuring the solar magnetic field from ground and orbiting observatories and photographic ultraviolet observations from space. Allen has a lifelong interest in art; his main genre is pen and ink drawing.

Allen_01      Allen_02      Allen_03

Julia Gary

Julia Gary earned a B.A. degree in history and education from Georgia State University, and a photography certificate from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She has attended photography workshops in both fine art and professional photography and has been an art instructor in photographic arts.

Various themes have appeared in Julia’s professional work, but her worktends to accentuate the shadows of architectural forms, the beauty of landscapes, the elements of nature, the sharp contrasts of the desert, and the individuality of portraits. The artistic expression is based on a priority of contrast controls and tonal values emphasizing the effect of light on abstract structures, along with the understated beauty of humanity. Julia’s major genre is gelatin silver prints. Each photograph is hand-processed beginning with film development and printing the final image. She has presented her work in over 35 juried exhibitions throughout the southeastern United States. Some of these exhibits include: the New Orleans World’s Fair of 1984, Southeastern Regional Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, The Meridian Museum of Art, Agnes Scott College, and The Bascom Center for Visual Arts. Gary’s photographs have received various awards.

You can view her current work online at:

Julia_00      Julia_02      Julia_03

Ron Herman

Ron Herman received his BFA and Certificate in Art History from the University of Cincinnati.  After receiving his MFA in photography from the University of Notre Dame, he worked in commercial photography and photographed for Polo Ralph Lauren and Spiegel.

Ron’s work is exhibited internationally and included in such permanent collections as the Fototeca de Cuba; Kinsey Institute; Snite Museum of Art; and the South Bend Regional Museum of Art.  He has lectured on his work and digital imaging technologies at Cornell, Stanford, and Yale universities.  Ron has taught in Cuba, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Myanmar, Peru, and Spain. An award-winning educator, he is a Professor of Photography at Foothill College, where he has been teaching since 1997.

For information on his next Cuba trip, go to:

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Bob Hills

Bob Hills works as a contracts administrator in the customer service department for a semiconductor equipment manufacturer in San Jose. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in metallurgy from Stevens Institute of Technology. He has finished his associate’s degree in photography at Foothill College and he is currently taking courses in the school’s Graphic and Interactive Design department. Bob’s main interest in returning to Cuba was to photograph the ongoing changes in Cuba and the people’s lifestyles.

BobH_E1      BobH_02      BobH_03

Kathy McGovern

Kathy is a photographer and writer with special interest in indigenous cultures and architectures throughout the world. Her love of travel has led Kathy to enjoy travel photography, telling a story of places she visits through photos of the people and their day-to-day lives.

Kathy has studied, photographed, and documented various indigenous cultures of North, Central, and South America. She was very excited to have the opportunity to travel to Cuba, to experience a new part of the Americas where few indigenous people remain but many outside cultural influences thrive.

Kathy’s past professional activities include technical writing, mathematics and computer science instruction at the college level, and research in mathematics.

Kathy_01      Kathy_02      Kathy_03

Melinda Miller

Melinda Miller is a fourth generation Californian who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but resettled to Seattle, Washington after a temporary two-month job stretched to twenty years. She is now a Washington-based photographer who specializes in travel photography and connecting art and issues of social equality. She studied Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Photography at DeAnza College in California and the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle. She was a founding member of PEACE, an annual exhibition of creative works by public employees that was started after the events of 9/11 to refocus creative energies after the trauma of that global experience and has exhibited her photographs in nine of the past eleven exhibitions. The most recent exhibitions have included photographs from a 2009 trip to Cuba with International Sustainability Solutions and Global Exchange. She recently curated a successful two-month long exhibition at the Port of Seattle Headquarters titled “Purposeful Surfaces: Working Artists Paint the Working Waterfront. She also works in the public sector in Sustainable Business Development and looks forward to continuing to blend her artistic endeavors with the practical efforts of creating a better world.

You can view her current work online at:

Melinda_01      Melinda_02      Melinda_03

Aphra Pia

Aphra Pia is a native of California where she earned a BA in Art and Interior Design at San Jose State. In 1976 she initiated and still maintains her own design firm. An award winning photographer, her images have been featured in solo and group exhibitions. Her photographs of the Uyghur people were displayed in The Hague, as part of the UNPO: Unrepresented Nations& Peoples Organization’s twentieth anniversary.

The early years of Aphra’s photography were spent photographing in the Sierras. Currently, as an avid traveler, she focuses on places where the feeling of space and freedom is the subject (Alaska, Antarctica, Africa, Patagonia and United States), and is also partial to places that convey the sense of time past (China, Bhutan, Cambodia, and Cuba).

You can view her current work online at:

Aphra_01      Aphra_02      Aphra_03

Bill Scull

Bill’s passion is travel photography.  His work focuses primarily on people, the lines that have been written into a face during a long life; the clutter, artifacts or rituals that have built up around the place someone has worked or lived for a lifetime; the care taken when arranging wares at the market; the clothes on the line; shoes at the door; tools on the bench.  He strives to capture that moment when nothing is going on but everything is revealed.  Bill and a fellow photographer offer a series of coastal photo workshops helping participants capture powerful images by focusing on the fundamentals of composition and understanding their camera.  His work has been exhibited in individual and group shows in Los Altos, San Francisco and Havana. Bill is a frequent photography lecturer for travel companies and completes commercial assignments for tourist organizations.

You can view his current work online at:

Bill_01      Bill_02      Bill_03

Bob Thomsen

Bob Thomsen is currently taking photography classes at Foothill College, and working at Stanford University as a Special Events Patrol Officer. He is putting his focus on lifestyle and sports photography. Bob would like to use his passion for photography as a way to document people who are not financially motivated, but are still able to enjoy life with what they have.

BobT_01      BobT_02      BobT_03

Don Wheatley

Don Wheatley began making photographs as a child growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and studied photography in college.  He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in international business and has been working for nearly twenty years in the airline industry.  Don has traveled extensively and had always wanted to visit Cuba.  In 2013, he had the opportunity to travel to Cuba with Professor Ron Herman for the third time. Don was struck by the changes that had taken hold in this country since his first trip in 2010. An avid travel photographer, Don found inspiration in the people, architecture, and natural beauty of the Cuban landscape.

Don_02      Don_01      Don_03


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